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How Does The Virtually GP Express Service Work?
Walk-in Face-to-Face Consultations
After Your Consultation
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No more waiting weeks to see your doctor or tackling busy surgery telephone lines, or spending time in a GP surgery waiting room, taking time off work. The GP Express service enables you to have a virtual consultation with an NHS doctor and/or specially trained pharmacist and leave our pharmacy with prescription medication. Join the thousands of patients getting doctor notes, repeat contraception, referral letters, and health advice, all within a few hours online.

Every Virtually GP Express pharmacist has been specially trained to diagnose and treat minor illnesses and a doctor reviews every treatment plan before your medication is dispensed, offering you safety and assurance that you and your family are in good hands.




How Does The Virtually GP Express Service Work?

Getting started with Virtually GP Express is an extremely simple process, just take the following steps.

  1. If you are not already registered, set up an account online here, this will take you away from this web page, to the Virtually GP registration page.
  2. Click 'book a consultation', on your Virtually dashboard to complete a questionnaire on your symptoms. You may walk into any GP Express location, such as our pharmacy, and ask to be seen face-to-face. You will need to register with Virtually and complete a symptom questionnaire which is then reviewed by Virtually's Duty GP. You will be given a consultation with a pharmacist, doctor, or another clinician, whoever is the most clinically appropriate.
  3. See the clinical pharmacist face-to-face, on a video call, or on the phone.
  4. Receive your treatment plan from the pharmacist, after a general practitioner's review.
  5. Leave P&S Chemist with your prescription medication.



Walk-in Face-to-Face Consultations

In addition to booked appointments, we also offer a walk-in service. See our clinical pharmacist face-to-face at P&S Chemist, for a consultation without needing to book ahead. A Virtually GP will then review our pharmacist's treatment plan, and prescribe any appropriate medication.



After Your Consultation

After you have had your consultation, our Virtually GP Express pharmacist at P&S Chemist will create a treatment plan and dispense any prescription medication after a general practitioner's review. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Virtually GP Express service free? 
The Virtually GP Online service is completely NHS funded and run by an NHS GP practice. That means it is completely free of charge for all patients who are registered with us. Every GP Practice in England receives a set amount of money per patient per year to provide all of their care and that is how we cover the cost of our services to you.

Do I need an appointment?
No, you don't, you can walk into any of our GP Express locations and ask for a face-to-face consultation.

Can the Virtually GP EXpress pharmacist issue a sick note?
The pharmacist will arrange for a virtual GP to issue a sick note, which will be uploaded into your documents on your dashboard on the Virtually website or mobile app.

Can the pharmacist arrange blood tests or a scan?
The pharmacist who is specially trained will work with a Virtually GP to arrange a blood test or scan if this is clinically appropriate for your symptoms. The form will be uploaded to your documents on your dashboard on the Virtually website or mobile app.

Will I have to change my GP practice to Virtually?
NHS England only allows you to be registered to one GP practice at a time, so if you register with us we will become your registered NHS GP and you will be automatically deregistered from your current practice. You do not have to tell your current GP that you are switching to Virtually. Virtually will automatically inform your old practice, so there is no need for you to do anything.

Will the diagnosis and treatment I receive be recorded in my NHS medical notes?
Yes, Virtually is an NHS provider and our records are integrated with NHS medical records.

Can the pharmacist refer me to a specialist?
Your Virtually pharmacist at P&S Chemist will work with a Virtually GP who will make a specialist referral if this is clinically appropriate for your symptoms.

Are there any charges for blood tests, scans, or a referral?
No, Virtually is an NHS service and like all NHS services does not charge for any diagnosis, tests, referrals, or treatment.



If you would like more information regarding the Virtually GP Express service or would like to register, please see the Virtually GP Express website here.

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