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COVID-19 Antigen Testing


COVID-19 Antigen Testing


At P&S Chemist we provide both versions of the COVID-19 test, the COVID-19 PCR Test, with your results in 24 hours, which will enable you to undertake essential travel to a foreign destination during the lockdown. Or, the COVID-19 non-PCR Antigen Test, that will provide your result in 15 minutes, although the COVID test will not enable you to undertake essential travel during the lockdown and perhaps after lockdown.

Consequently, if you need to be tested for essential overseas travel, the COVID-19 PCR Test is the correct test for you. If you are seeking peace of mind for work-related reasons, or to help protect vulnerable family members, the COVID-19 Antigen Test is the ideal test for you.


PLEASE NOTE: Some airlines have now decided to accept the non-PCR Antigen test as evidence you do not have an existing COVID-19 infection, please check with your airline before you book or arrive at our pharmacy to ensure you have the correct COVID-19 test to enable you to fly.


The COVID-19 PCR Test, Results in 24 Hours.

The COVID-19 PCR Test is available at P&S Chemist. The PCR test is supported by most of the airline carriers, with your results in 24 hours. Consequently, it is important that you ensure you have sufficient time before you travel to receive your results. This test is ideal for those who wish to fly overseas for essential travel and costs £125.00. Although, it should be noted some airlines are now accepting the non-PCR Antigen Test for overseas travel purposes, particularly in and around Europe, although in all cases, please check with your airline, which test you should have.

The COVID-19 PCR Test provided by P&S Chemist requires a nasal swab to be taken, to test for the presence of COVID-19 (SARs-Cov-2) and will be taken in a suitable environment, so as to limit potential infection. This test will then be sent off to the laboratory and you will receive your results in 24 hours. Please contact P&S Chemist on 0208 478 6108 to find out the cut-off time for your test to be completed in order to receive your results in 24 hours.


The COVID-19 non-PCR Rapid Antigen Test, Results in 15 Minutes.

The COVID-19 non-PCR Rapid Antigen Test available at P&S Chemist is ideal for anyone seeking peace of mind about a possible infection of the Coronavirus for themselves, vulnerable family members, or work colleagues; with your results in fifteen minutes and costs £43.95.

The Antigen Test provided by P&S Chemist requires a nasal swab sample to be taken, to test for the presence of COVID-19 (SARs-Cov-2) and will be undertaken in a suitable environment, so as to limit the possibility of further infection to our patients and members of staff.


How Do We Collect Your COVID-19 PCR and non-PCR Antigen Test?

In order to your COVID-19 PCR test or non-PCR Antigen test, we collect a nasal swab sample by:

  1. Carefully inserting a disposable swab, provided within the antigen testing kit, into one nostril. Using gentle rotation and pushing the swab up to 2.5cm (1 inch) from the edge of the nostril.
  2. We will then rotate the swab five times against the mucosa inside your nostril to ensure sufficient specimen collection.
  3. Using the same swab, we will repeat this process in the other nostril to ensure that an adequate amount of sample is collected from both nasal cavities.
  4. Then we will remove the swab from your nasal cavity. This sample test is now ready for preparation, so you can get your results.


What do Your Results Mean?

Upon successfully completing a COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test or COVID-19 PCR Test, your results will be as follows:

Negative: Only one coloured control line appears in the control region and no coloured line will appear in the test line area. This means no SARs-Cov-2 antigen was detected. This means the nasal sample you have provided is clear of COVID-19 and you are not currently infectious. Despite this, the incubation period for COVId-19 is quoted at between three to six days, so you should continue to follow current government guidance and consider retesting in five to seven days.

Positive: Two distinct coloured lines appear. One line in the control region and the other line, within the test line area. This means that the presence of SARs-Cov-2 antigen has been detected. This means you are infectious with COVID-19, and you should immediately self-isolate and arrange a RT-PCR test within the UK Government's Test and Trace scheme. This will confirm your result and if appropriate enter you into the Test and Trace system so that people you have been in contact with can be appropriately tested.