At P&S Chemist we provide numerous services for our clients, many of which are listed below:

our services

Dispense Prescriptions

We dispense both NHS and Private prescriptions. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your medication, our pharmacist at P&S Chemist is always available to help.


Electronic Repeat Dispensing

We can dispense both NHS and Private repeat dispensing prescriptions issued by your doctor. Ask us for more information about this service.


Free Repeat Prescription Collection & Delivery Service

Take the hassle out of ordering and picking-up your repeat prescription. This service is primarily aimed at patients who are infirm or housebound, who may find the journey to us just a little too far or difficult in person. Ask for more information about home-delivery.


Medicine Use Review (MUR)

P&S Chemist provides a FREE review service on your prescription medicine. In which you can discuss any problems related to your medicines in a confidential one-to-one basis. Find out how to take your medicines in the right way or discuss any side-effects or other issues.


Minor Ailments Clinic

Patients suffering from a minor ailment can receive a consultation with the pharmacist at P&S Chemist who can and will supply the appropriate medication they are authorised to, or refer you to the appropriate health care specialist or professional when they cannot help. This provides patients an alternative to going to their surgery.

Ask in store on how to register and receive the comprehensive list of conditions covered by this NHS endorsed scheme.


Electronic Prescription Service

As the NHS goes paperless with prescriptions, the NHS is currently rolling out out its electronic prescription service across the country. This means that your GP will stop giving you paper prescriptions and will start to send them electronically straight to our pharmacy at P&S Chemist.

This service will mean you do not have to collect your repeat prescription from your GP's surgery between check-ups resulting in fewer trips for those who receive regular prescriptions. This service can be used in England for one-off and repeat prescriptions but not for private or veterinary prescriptions.

This service is gradually being rolled-out across GP surgeries and pharmacies in England. You can choose to have your prescriptions sent to any pharmacy offering this service. Which can be very handy for those who work long hours and have to commute to and from central London. You can then let your doctor or pharmacist know which pharmacy you have chosen.

To make it even easier for you. P&S Chemist are already offering the NHS Electronic Prescription Service. We stay open for longer into the evening during weekdays (ideal for those who commute) and provide a range of other services to help look after the health of you and your family.

Healthy Lifestyle Advice

Your pharmacist is available to provide healthy lifestyle advice. This can be for general advice - to stop smoking, healthy eating or specific advice for a particular medical condition.


Pregnancy Testing (Free for Under 24's)

This service is available at P&S Chemist at any time of the day. Results are given within fifteen (15) minutes. This service is entirely confidential, with advice and guidance provided in a discrete and private environment.


Emergency Hormonal Contraception (Free Service for Women Under 25)

If you require the morning after pill, an assessment for eligibility and appropriateness will be carried out first. This service is charged for those women over the age of twenty-five.


Stop Smoking Clinic

If you are a smoker and are serious about quitting give yourself the best possible chance by using our NHS stop smoking service. Evidence shows that you are more likely to stop smoking for good if you get the right advice and support.


Cholesterol Testing

High blood cholesterol has been associated with hardening of the arteries, heart disease and raised health risk of death from heart attacks and strokes. Cholesterol testing is considered a routine part of preventative health care. At P&S Chemist we can test your total cholesterol and lipid levels and refer you to your General Practitioner (GP) when necessary.

At P&S Chemist we can also advise you on simple changes to your lifestyle that will reduce your cholesterol levels and the risks associated with raised blood cholesterol levels.


Diabetes Testing

There are thousands of people with undiagnosed Type 2 Diabetes in the UK. At P&S Chemist we offer a blood sugar test to help identify your risk of developing the condition. We can advise you on ways of reducing your chances of developing diabetes in later life and offer you guidance to lead a more proactive healthy lifestyle.


Blood Pressure & Body Fat Testing

Although high blood pressure affects 1 in 3 adults, it frequently has no symptoms and can cause a heart attack or stroke. We can check your blood pressure, give you advice on lifestyle changes to reduce your blood pressure and, if necessary, refer you to your doctor (GP) for further checks.

We also house a state-of-the-art, health testing machine, which records and monitors results for: Blood Pressure, Weight, Body Fat Content, Body Mass Index and Pulse Rate.


Patient Medication Records

Our computer systems allow us to keep records of all your dispensed prescriptions and additional tests etc. undertaken by P&S Chemist. This helps us check for possible problems, such as reactions between medications and will help us to deal with any queries that you may have.

All of these computer systems are secure and robust in their operation and fully comply with the Data Protection Act and the NHS code of practice on confidentiality.


Supervised Administration of Specialist Prescribed Medicines

Patients who are required to have the administration of their medication supervised can do so at P&S Chemist. Such instances where supervised administration is required are dealt with in a non-judgemental and strictly confidential manner.


The Wellpoint LifeCheck Kiosk

The Wellpoint LifeCheck Kiosk is a state-of-the-art touch screen health kiosk, allowing individuals to know their heart risk percentage, i.e. chances of getting a heart attack or stroke in the next ten (10) years by measuring their weight, body mass index, body fat content, blood pressure and heart rate. The test results can be printed, or sent to the user's mobile phone via SMS.

Once you have registered (which is free), all subsequent results are tracked over time to provide you with an insight into your own wellbeing.


Travel Health & Travel Clinic

When travelling abroad please ensure that you have the right medication and vaccines to protect you and your family against disease. P&S Chemist can advise you on what you will need and vaccinate you, quickly, safely and professionally.

A wide range of travel advice is available from the vaccines you will need, to treatment for diarrhoea, insect bites and sunburn.


Passport Photos

Available immediately and using Kodak© professional quality photographic paper. for all legal identification purposes, for example: Driving Licences and Passports etc.

Veterinary Medicines

New legislation allows pharmacists to recommend, prescribe and sell veterinary medicines. You can ask your vet for a prescription to be dispensed by your pharmacist, in the same way a family doctor gives you a prescription; your vet is not allowed to charge you for this service. You can then take advantage of the veterinary prescription dispensing service at P&S Chemist.

For further information on any of our services. Please speak to a member of our staff who will be more than happy to help.